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Location: New England

I am a professional artist in my twenties, living in New England, engaged to be married, and a member of the online Art community EBSQ. I teach art classes for children and young adults, walk in the rain, grow sugar snap peas and lavender, listen omnivorously to music of all genres, and read like a fiend.

My art is inspired by an ecclectic list of things: old Freak Show broadsides, dreams, silent films, insects and flowers, antique photos, strangers in the check-out line, vintage tattoos...I never stop looking around.

I primarily work in Paint / Mixed Media on hand-built canvases or acid-free paper, but I dabble in a wide variety of materials. I strive to create pieces that will age well, and I'm a very careful packer and shipper.

The works vary in size from tiny ACEO's (original art, no larger than a playing card) to huge canvases, many feet tall and wide.

I also create, as a hobby, Dolhouse Miniatures, mostly in 1:12 scale, which I frequently offer for sale.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Miss Annalise Manderly

A new ACEO from my Spectre Studio series. Bid, or read her story, here.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Two Spooky new ACEO's for sale on Ebay

Kicking off the Halloween season with
"Red Death at the Masked Ball" and "Monsieur Phillipe le Gris"
~Come have a little look-see...

Both of these ACEOs have sold.
"Red Death" was purchased by a collector in Florida.
Phillipe's new home is with a nice family in sunny Los Angeles.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hello, all...
Due to technical issues,
I've established this blog to act as the new Hub of my work Online.

From this one easy-to-find page, you can view my online Portfolio, drop me a line, see what I have up on the auction block, even order a Cafepress magnet of my "Thinking Woman" painting.
Just Scroll down the sidebar to view my profile and find useful links.

Thanks for stopping by ;)

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