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Location: New England

I am a professional artist in my twenties, living in New England, engaged to be married, and a member of the online Art community EBSQ. I teach art classes for children and young adults, walk in the rain, grow sugar snap peas and lavender, listen omnivorously to music of all genres, and read like a fiend.

My art is inspired by an ecclectic list of things: old Freak Show broadsides, dreams, silent films, insects and flowers, antique photos, strangers in the check-out line, vintage tattoos...I never stop looking around.

I primarily work in Paint / Mixed Media on hand-built canvases or acid-free paper, but I dabble in a wide variety of materials. I strive to create pieces that will age well, and I'm a very careful packer and shipper.

The works vary in size from tiny ACEO's (original art, no larger than a playing card) to huge canvases, many feet tall and wide.

I also create, as a hobby, Dolhouse Miniatures, mostly in 1:12 scale, which I frequently offer for sale.

Hello! Lovely to meet you...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Miss Annalise Manderly

A new ACEO from my Spectre Studio series. Bid, or read her story, here.